Seeing Small

Welcome to the world of 

John Brackenbury Photography

John is a Cambridge University lecturer with a passion for ultra high speed photography. He produces extraordinary images of the world around us, captured in the briefest moment in time.

This site is a portal to the amazing world of John's photography and the galleries and related information here will help to tell John's story from his point of view. It is an unfolding story, with new images and discoveries being added regularly and perhaps most important of all, there are links to social media for you to let us know what you think.
Insects are the subject that John shoots in his academic role within the University of Cambridge, but they are only part of his photographic repertoire. He is an expert in photographing any type of high speed event, a skill that he puts to good use creating images with a genuine scientific purpose as well as those best described as photographic art. In fact one of his pictures earned him the 'Art of Science' trophy in the British Professional Photography Awards.

His work is placed with the Science Photo Library. This aspect of his work forms the basis of John's latest book entitled: In the Blink of an Eye, "it has nothing to do with flying insects'" John says, "it is all about the little things that are happening all around us every day in the home that we don't notice, dropping coins into water, splashes of milk - that kind of thing. Everyday items can be made to look extraordinary and unworldly, as I hope I have proved" John's mission is to show the world how beautiful the frozen moment can be. Scientists can be creative too, you know!. 

(The Photographer magazine)